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Heidi's Musical Gym - Children's Gymnastics Program

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Farragut's definitive choice for Comprehensive Music & Movement Since 1999
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Heidi's Gymnastics where fun and learning go hand in hand.
Heidi's Gymnastics
Where Fun and Learning
Go Hand in Hand
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Testimonials and Praise for Heidi's Musical Gymnastics

Nadara Albanese

page quote My daughter, Adrienne, was a very quiet, very shy 3 year old who trusted very few adults in her life. After enrolling Adrienne in Heidi's Musical Gymnastics, her personality changed. "Miss Heidi" very quickly and very easily, connected with Adrienne(as she has done with all of her new students).

"Miss Heidi" has an incredible talent for keeping the most challenging students focused and motivated. She is extremely patient but also very persistent and has a way of making all of her students feel special and confident. She never gave up on Adrienne and has taught her skills that allow her to be more coordinated and flexible. Most importantly, she has taught her to be a better team player.

Today my daughter is a confident, excited and more outgoing 5 year old little girl who now enjoys the company of other children. I owe much of this to Heidi's Musical Gymnastics.



Elias Jubran

We love this place. Our girls get personalized teaching and monitoring and a structured yet easy going atmosphere. The staff is not only knowledgeable, but sweet and friendly. We couldn't ask for more.


Sarah Afanador

My daughter started going to Heidi's Gym when she was 2 1/2, as a means of helping with motor skills and coordination, and as a basis for any future sports she might be interested in. She fell in love with both the sport and (especially) Ms. Heidi! She is now 9, and still loves it. Heidi's Gym is not competitive. It is a fun, relaxed environment in which children of all ages and skill levels can improve their physical awareness. Heidi, and her daughter Savannah, are both remarkably patient with the students. Heidi has a gift for being able to break down movements and explain them to children in a way they can understand, and then to build upon those achievements in a coherent way. If, at some point, my daughter decides to switch to a competition-oriented gym, it will be with a heavy heart, but a sound gymnastics foundation.


Heather van den Berge

My daughter, Molly, was a student at Heidi's Musical Gymnastics for over a year. I have been impressed by Heidi's enthusiasm and creativity with children.

Heidi continually shares new ways to have fun and fill children with a desire to try their best. Heidi is a hidden treasure in West Knoxville.



Jim Benson

All of my children have attended Heidi's Musical Gymnastics. Because of her specially designed stations designed for motor skills development, Heidi has been highly mentioned by children's doctors and therapists for over 18 years. I strongly recommend Heidi and Ms. Savannah to parent's looking for a solid program with a caring and nurturing staff - fitness, fun, social/motor skills and confidence building... all while learning gymnastics!


Courtney Didion

I honestly cannot say enough good things about Heidi, her staff, & her gym. They are so family friendly, professional, fun, compassionate, & passionate. They teach with positive reinforcement, & because they're not oversized, the students get a lot of 1 on 1 time. A huge bonus with that is, even though students are in a class with other students, Heidi & her staff cater to the students individually, according to their level of ability. It's not a one size fits all. They advance the students at the appropriate rate for each one of them, & the children are never ever pushed or forced to do anything they're not comfortable with. I must say this is incredibly beneficial to the students, as they don't have to see fellow classmates being scared or pushed harder than what they should be, then feeding off of each other. I have no doubt that it correlates to less injuries or incidents, & not surprisingly, I never saw anything like that happen at Heidi's. My daughter was in her homeschool class & we could not have been happier. We had been to other gyms in the area & couldn't find anywhere in which we were satisfied with, for various reasons. (A prime example being that my daughter spent 9 months in a beginning tumbling class elsewhere, & left without even being taught how to properly do a cartwheel. At Heidi's, she was taught & able to do an unassisted back handspring within 4 months.) Heidi's is far more than we ever expected, so don't let the size of her gym fool or deter you. I SO wish we had found her gym sooner. If you want a true gymnastics education for your child, look no further!


Shannon Scruggs

My daughter has been going to Heidi's Musical Gymnastics for well over a year now. I have been so fortunate to have Heidi as a teacher for my daughter; who is 11 and just started middle school.

Kennedy has excelled in her gymnastics to say the least. She is not just part of the class, Heidi makes her feel she is the class. In other words, Heidi gives that personal touch to each person. They feel just as important as the next. She is very detailed, and breaks every move down to basics, so that they do not hurt themselves, and so that when they do go off and do a back handspring, it looks beautiful.

I was a number one skeptic when my daughter first started. Almost immediately, you fall in love with Mrs. Heidi, and the possibilities are endless. She is a very positive role model, and an outstanding person.



Erica McClure

I had my daughter with Heidi for over two years. Heidi and her daughter provide a very encouraging atmosphere where all of the students are able to focus on their own progress and receive very tailored, personal instruction. Heidi is not only a professional with her personal gymnastics experience, but she is also a professional in the classes and treats every student and parent with respect. Heidi taught my daughter so much in our time there and then sent us on our way to compete on a competitive gymnastics team. My daughter's fundamentals and more complicated skills were immediately complimented at the new place, which is a direct reflection of Heidi's instruction. I always recommend parents to bring their children to Heidi's because there is no better place in Knoxville!!


Jenny Jones

My daughter started taking gymnastics from Miss Heidi when she was 6 years old. Miss Heidi is extremely gifted and talented. Her love and compassion for children are just a few of the many qualities that we love about her. She has encouraged my daughter to try new things and she has helped my daughter gain strength and confidence in herself in a non-competitive atmosphere. My daughter has been truly blessed by Miss Heidi and her staff.


Justin Martin

Heidi has been teaching my daughter for 6 years, since she was 2. My girl was developmentally delayed and she first brought her to normal before opening the door to potentially excelling. This is a warm, affirming, and loving environment that teaches to a diversity of ages, skills and aptitudes. I think one secret to her success is her prior skill and continued ability as a gymnast that allows her to show and coach moves in an appropriate and productive way.


Kate Evans - Farragut, TN

My 6 year old son has been attending Heidi's musical gymnastics for over a year and loves it. Heidi provides a low-key, fun atmosphere that allows the kids to progress at their own speed. Each class is structured with a set of tasks including old and new skills that cover balance, flexibility, strength, and probably many other things of which I'm not even aware. She also gives a little free time at the end of each lesson for more practice or just favorite gymnastics-based play. Heidi teaches every class and asks only that they try each skill presented to them. She never makes a skill feel out of reach, but rather builds basic skills into more complex ones over time as the child progresses. My son is excited about class day, because Heidi turns exercise into a pleasure. I wish I could join myself!



Diane Bailes

Our little girl had trouble listening and following directions. A professional recommended Miss Heidi and they were right. Miss Heidi immediately recognized our little girl's joyous spirit and worked very patiently with her. In the last year and a half, our little girl improved so much she was able to fit right in with the other students. Other student's mothers even noticed how much she had improved under Miss Heidi and Miss Savannah. Miss Heidi's program is not competitive. She takes each child right where they are and works with them not in competition with other children but to improve themselves. Miss Heidi and the whole program is amazing, and I have recommended it to many people. We are so lucky to have her in Knoxville!!!


Vicki DAvide

Ms. Heidi's is amazing. When my daughter turned three she was interested in gymnastics and I wanted to find a place for her to interact with other kids, learn to follow directions and to just get some energy out. I looked around at different programs but many were competitive style bigger gyms and I knew that my shy daughter would not thrive there. We tried Ms. Heidi's and fell in love. It was perfect. Heidi is patient and caring toward all of the kids and places each child in the perfect class for their skill level and age. She teaches them gymnastic skills no matter their physical ability. My daughter has an eye condition which causes her to have trouble with balance and the training she received was perfect for her. When she started at Ms. Heidi's she didn't have the strength to do a sit up. My daughter never has possessed the physical ability to become a competitive gymnast but the strength and conditioning she received from Heidi's class allowed her to participate in other sports and soccer at a competitive level. She took a weekly class at Ms Heidi's well into her middle school years. She is a strong and confident young lady and I credit a lot of this to Ms. Heidi's Musical Gym. (By the way, she eventually was even able to do a back handspring!)


Angelique McCartney

Heidi is an amazing teacher. I highly recommend her! My daughter loves her! We have only been there twice and my daughter tells me every day that she misses Ms Heidi and can't wait for her next class. She is very hands on. She demonstrates and shows the girls how to do the different tasks she wants them to preform. She gives them positive reinforcement and shows them love and passion. I must say that I would highly recommend her to any of the other places in the area. We visit several other places and we like the one on one attention that Heidi gives.


Amanda Sanders children

Benny says "The best thing about my classes is that I get one-on-one attention."

"I want to go to Miss Heidi's because she loves me," Benny told his mother when asked if he wanted to go to a bigger gym.


Tori says, "Kids are always kept busy, but (deleted big name gym) makes you wait in line all the time. Miss Heidi lets kids work at their own pace."



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